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❗️ Regarding the presale for ATEEZ WORLD TOUR <The Fellowship>: Map The Treasure in London ❗️

Please note that the SSE presale is a separate presale for the SSE Reward members. For any queries, please contact the venue.

All TasteMakers for ATEEZ x London will be able to access the presale via AXS on December 16 at 11:00 local time as announced previously. The direct ticketing link will be shared as soon as possible.

To receive your TasteMaker discount, please be sure to enter the presale/promo code you received from MyMusicTaste when prompted. Please be reminded that you will NOT receive the discount if the code is not entered and refunds will not be issued after the transaction is completed.

For further information on the show, please refer to the FAQ here ▶️

We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion caused.

#ATEEZinLondon #ATEEZ with #MyMusicTaste


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